The Oprah Effect in Dog Training

How on earth can an Oprah famed movement have a massive impact in your dog training? Oprah named it the light bulb moment, or the Ah-ha moment. I see it on my clients face when new wisdom permeates that airspace between human and dog, usually only visible to us in the form of the lead….Continue Reading

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Thanks Larry David…)

Do we rush our dogs to be further along than they actually should be?   If we look at the standard human to dog years table that we grew up with, saying that for each year a dog lives, it is around 7 human years, what do we get. We so often hear that “our…Continue Reading

Are you an A+ Student?

Are you being a good student?   Over the last few years, I have put myself directly back at a student level in all that I do. I had spent a little bit of time not really applying myself to learning new things, in some aspects shutting new learning out. That has certainly changed!  …Continue Reading

Everybody Gets a Car

When a baby first tries to stand, we reward them. We use praise and smiles and love. As they take their first steps, we try to record it for posterity reasons, a parent is away working, grandparents live in a different town, state or country, we record it for their 21st birthday party to show…Continue Reading

Changing the Recipe.

The other day I was looking up how to cook a dish I had never cooked before but had eaten a few times. I was surprised at how many different ways there were to cook the dish.   Different ingredients you could substitute, if you don’t have potato, use sweet potato or pumpkin. No lamb?,…Continue Reading

Why wont my Parents buy me a dog?

  Am I responsible? That should be the first thing that you, as a person wanting a dog should address. I am not talking about being responsible last week or even last month. I am talking about the last few months, or year? Can you keep your room clean and your bed made each day….Continue Reading

What motivates behaviour? Genetics, training, both, how and why?

Here at The K9 Company, dog training goes far beyond just teaching your dog to sit and have nice manners in your home and around your family. We have a huge focus on the mindset and the experience shared by both you and your dog – why your dog does what it does, what motivates…Continue Reading

Discipline Equals Freedom

Discipline Equals Freedom. For those of you that listen to podcasts, watch Ted Talks, are all over Twitter and other social media, these 3 words may not be new to you. I have been hearing them often and also, trying to follow them, as closely as I can. The man who made these 3 words…Continue Reading

Top Tips for choosing the right dog

Choosing the right fit.  Just like a pair of shoes, where we all have our own style and like the best fit. Welcoming a dog into your life for up to 16+ years, you want the best fit. Let’s face it, if everyone chose the right fit to begin with, there would be next to…Continue Reading

Can one tip help you enjoy your training session? Try this then….

I recently read a great write up about someone having some trouble with their dog and one piece of advice they had been given was after the training session, have a drink (whatever works for you) and think about what you liked about the session and what you can improve on.   What a great…Continue Reading

Diffuse Awareness and Dog Aggression

Diffuse awareness To pour in every direction.   Men are single focused which means that we only pay attention to one thing at a time. If we are watching TV, we are not really listening to what you are saying. Women have diffuse awareness, they can pay attention to lots of things. It means they…Continue Reading

Making Dragons

Building a Better Mindset aka “Making Dragons”   We generally have little control over circumstances in our day to day living.  Things intersect our lives everyday so it is up to us to teach our dogs how to deal with things. Good things happen when they may least expect it, as does something that the…Continue Reading