Training Tip – Classical Conditioning

How to improve your dog training with Classical conditioning – Guaranteed!   Have you ever wondered why some dogs are so reliable with their training and obedience? You know the ones that always come back when their owners call them, and look like they have the best of times hanging out with their owners whilst…Continue Reading

Electric Fences, What’s the Truth?

 We were recently contacted by Dog Fence DIY asking if we would like to write a blog post on electric fences for them and we thought the best and most authentic way to share our experience with such containment systems was to share our story, first hand.  With so much confusing information around in the…Continue Reading

Dogs – The link to great friendships

This past month has really highlighted just how important The K9 Company is to us, not just because training dogs is a authentic passion of ours and because we get to work with some amazing dogs, but because of the lives we are invited into. It has been pointed out to us on many occasions…Continue Reading

Dog Training

What Dog Trainers DON’T do

Why do professionals do things differently than non-professionals? On the back of our recent Training with Clarity seminar, where Cat Saunders spends a day with dog owners and trainers alike breaking down dogs behaviour, their perception, training methods and how they learn, Cat answers an discusses all questions during Training with Clarity to provide clarity for all participants. “In almost all of my work with dogs,…Continue Reading

Mindfulness in Training

Mindfulness Master in Dog Training

With so many emotive articles available to read on the styles of training people use when training their dog, It can be impossible for the regular dog owner, that simply want the best for their dog to know what to believe. This is Mindfulness From words such as “force”, “dominance”, “alpha” to “purely positive” used…Continue Reading

Picket fence syndrome

Picket Fence Syndrome-Destructive Dogs

For over 10 years now I have been blessed to work with dogs on a full time basis in my business. I have shared some of the most heart warming memories with people, from the moment they bring their dog to me for training, to the moments when we share a tear as we say…Continue Reading

Enrich your Dogs life, let them Sniff

Enrich your Dogs life, let them Sniff Most of us know that dogs have a great sense of smell, but do you know just how good? With dogs trained to follow human scent for search and rescue, human remains, explosives and medical conditions, we can’t deny how smart dogs are. In the past week alone…Continue Reading

Dogs & Kids

Safe Kids and K9’s

Lets start a conversation about Safe Kids and K9’s…… What if what you thought you knew was incorrect? I write this in the hope of starting a conversation. A conversation to provoke ones thought on their current perception. Child safety around dogs As with any topic that can draw strong emotions, this can be a…Continue Reading

dog help

Dogs saving lives-Medical Alert Dog

It been 12 months since we hosted the first of our “Conversations with The K9 Company”, our funding raising events to support and raise funds for a Seizure Alert dog for Sam, a 13 year old boy. So we thought we’d give you all an update, but first lets take a look back at how…Continue Reading

safety for dogs

Are you Fire Ready?

Having a fire safety plan is vital in Australia. Having a fire plan that includes your pet may mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged members of the family We have all heard the horrific stories of the panic ensues in a fire emergency, pets are often sadly left behind. So make…Continue Reading


Why Should I Train my Dog?

We often hear dog owners stating that they don’t want to turn their dog into a robot “I bought a dog, not a robot!” Training your dog doesn’t turn it into a robot, nor does it squash or kill their personality. Training your dog is one of the best manners in which to make life easier…Continue Reading


Zia – Our new puppy

Zia, Our Belgian Malinois Puppy So it’s been a busy month (August). With the flu season upon us, we haven’t been as social (media) as we had hoped to be. So here’s a quick recap on our past few weeks We welcomed little Zia into our home approx 4 weeks ago, a Belgian Malinois. The…Continue Reading