Reliable Recall Workshop


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“Come back…………” Wednesday 13th February 2019

We receive so many calls from frustrated owners saying that their dogs won’t come when called.

Does this sound like you?

It’s a massive issue shared by many loving dog owners.

We all know that if you want different results you have to take different action, but do you know what action you can do to prevent your dog from learning to buggering off on you or the best way to fix it when he does??

Due to high demand, we will be running our Reliable Recall workshop again to help you get clarity on what’s really happening and how to fix it.

So if your ready to improve your relationship with your dog and understand what and how you can do to have your dog WANT & LOVE to come back to you.

13th February 2019
Eltham Rugby Club
56 Bridge Street
6.30pm until 9.30pm (roughly)

Don’t let your dog be a Fenton….