digging dogs

Digging Dogs? Create a Dig Pit

Digging is a natural and common behaviour in dogs. Any of the Dogs closest ancestors, and many of his closest relatives still dig dens to raise their young or to escape heat or cold. Dogs and wild canines also dig to hide things they find valuable, like food, bones and other objects. Many dogs dig…Continue Reading

engagement dog training

Working with Engagement in Training

“Engagement in Training” simply means your dog wants to be with you. If an individual doesn’t have engagement from their dog, how can you expect to be able to train your dog? How can a person train a dog to do anything, if the dog doesn’t want to be with them? If a dog doesn’t want what…Continue Reading

thunder dogs

Thunderstorm Phobias in Dogs

Thunderstorms can be an extremely stressful time not only for dogs but for their owners alike. Having owned a dog “Sami” who was extremely fearful even when a thunderstorm was brewing & hadn’t even arrived as such. It a terrible thing watching a dog go through such high levels of stress. Sami had never shown…Continue Reading

Socialisation Puppies

Socialisation in puppies and why it is critical!

You will frequently hear claims from people that their breed is different, more immature, etc. However, after studying puppies of many different breeds, Dr. Clarence Pfaffenberger (based on Dr. Paul Scott’s research) maintains “. . . that as much as breeds vary, the critical periods apply equally to all breeds, and what happens during the…Continue Reading

Nervous Dogs

Nervous Dogs

Nervousness is a trait usually inherited from a dog’s parents. Nervous dogs need extra care when being introduced to new situations or people, as they are naturally more cautious than other dogs. It is vital that, all dogs as puppy’s, particularly nervous dogs, are correctly socialised and r exposed to situations & environments on a…Continue Reading