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The K9 Company conducts dog training seminars and have given speeches both nationally and internationally and are one of Australia’s most requested presenters.

Here’s what one participant had to say about a recent seminar she attended

New Zealand Kennel Club. Dog training / testimonial


North Canterbury Dog Club & Tevra Dog Club New Zealand


The K9 Company founders Cat Saunders and Brent Dry can be found featured in the media as well as hosting K9TV. With a variety of seminars and speeches to suit your needs, you can request a custom presentation or book one of their highly requested seminars:

  • Training with Clarity
  • Training for Excellence
  • Concepts in Training
  • Dogs in Need (welfare and shelter dogs)

One of the topics and areas that Cat has built a fun and engaging reputation in is her talks and presentations using analogies from her upcoming book “Dating and Dogs”. Cat talks about the similarities between the dating world and our relationships and training of our dogs. Cat also sees the humorous irony of her name especially being a leading expert in her chosen industry.

Cat and Brent are a dynamic team, both in life and business, here’s what some of their clients have said:

Happy people = Positive feedback

Cat and Brent have been invited to co-present with international dog trainers including Forrest Micke (A Leerberg University Instructor) and advise for the NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Council). They continue to make wonderful friends through their network solely due to their love of the industry and the dog, which is both contagious and evident in all that they do.

Cat with her dog Zooka. Brent using the "Power of Play" with his dog Zia



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