Dog Grooming

Are you looking for Professional Dog groomers that come to you?

We come to you at a mutually convenient time to groom your dogs and help you with any grooming questions that you may have. Our Staff are experienced and friendly and use the best shampoo, conditioners and deodorants.

All dog grooming includes warm water hydrobath, blow drying, deodorant, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

All of our groomers have also studied K9 Psychology and Behaviour so we are comfortable handling your four legged friends! We do this with minimal stress for the animal, even those who don’t enjoy the grooming process or if they are having their first clip.

We can also use Shampoos for dogs with skin problems if that is needed at no extra cost.

If you have a dog with sensitive skin, check out our dog food Phuds.

Whilst we groom any dog, we are set up to especially cater for large breeds. We have large work areas and all grooming takes place inside our custom built, all weather mobile grooming vehicles

We can also offer advice regarding your dogs behaviour while you are grooming your pet, food for a healthier coat and brushes and rakes to help in between grooms.