Personal Consultations

Our private training consultations are personally tailored and designed to suit your needs and requirements.

The majority of our Consultations are conducted in your home where the behaviours are often presented. We also include going for walks with you and your dog to conduct training and coaching in your real life environment and community. No two dogs are alike, neither are their homes in which they live. It is for this reason that we make sure that the training advice and solutions we give are not only practical, but work for you and your family.

Our training approach and techniques are proven to work and will help you gain confidence when it comes to your dog’s behaviour. We explain everything to you so it is easy to understand, this allows you to better understand why your dog has been displaying any undesirable behaviours and set you up to better teach your dog the desired behaviours in the future.

Some behavioural concerns owners have with their dogs are solely based around a specific environment, a common example of this is have the dog run straight out of an open front door. This is one of the many manners in which our personalised consultations can assist you gain more control of your dog not to mention the added safety benefit of prevention of your dog getting pick up by the council or even risk getting hit by a car.

Obedience training can enable you to enjoy your dog in so many ways, lunch at a local cafe, out and about with friends, or holidaying and being able to take your well behaved, well trained dog with you.

Call us now and speak directly to one of our senior trainers so we can get you started in the right direction with your training.

You will have a better understanding and more control of your dogs behaviour after our private consultation so call now to book your appointment.