Puppy Training

Our puppy training school and confidence classes are the best way to give your pup the best start in life.

Learn all about your pups critical period, neutral socialisation and muscle memory for obedience.

We teach you how to get your puppy into the sit, drop and stand position, first time and every time. We will train the recall so your puppy learns to always come back to you and also loose lead walking, where you don’t have your dog pulling you down the road as they grow!

Problem behaviours in puppies are common and we will show you the best ways to deal with these. There is no one way to change a behaviour, what works for one dog may not work on another so our qualified staff will be able to assist you with problem behaviours. We also cover toilet training, barking, mouthing, vet checks, grooming and many more topics in class.

We provide helpful information in regards to the best training equipment for your puppy, show you the best toys to stop destructive behaviour from your pup and provide a safe and supportive environment for you and your little friend to learn in.

Our Puppy School Classes are run in a controlled manner to prevent unnecessary behavioural problems, form arising. We carefully monitor, supervise & control any & all socialisation & potential interactions between puppies in order to allow each individual puppy the best training environment based on their individual requirements. We do not run “puppy free for alls”, which are dangerous & can create irreversible damage to your puppy’s behaviour & approach to life.

What do you need to train your puppy?

A good quality lead, a treat pouch and a collar is a great start. Our leads and treat pouches are designed with your puppy in mind. Light weight, strong leads that will last and treat pouches that have easy access for you and a generous storage pocket for clickers and keys. Also check out our toys, for puppies of all shapes and sizes

Check out our puppy training pack for great priced bundled items giving you excellent quality and all you need to start training your puppy straight away.