Group Classes

We have a first timers class for new clients at all of our Group Classes. Feel free to turn up after booking in at the times listed below or if unsure, contact us for your start time via email or text (0421611803).

On your first visit to our Group Classes, please make sure you bring your dogs current Vaccination certificate. All dogs over the age of 16 weeks should have a C5 vaccination. We do take puppies from 8 weeks of age, after they have had their first vaccination.


9.00am First Timers and Puppies

10.00am Beginners

11.00am Level 1 and 2


7.00pm All Levels including Puppies

South Morang

9.30am First Timers and Beginners

10.30am Level 1 and 2

Our classes are all $30 per lesson, pay as you go and classes run for an hour.  You can train at any of our locations that suit you and is something that we recommend. We also have fantastic Membership options as well.

All of our Group Classes, and at all our different locations, we offer something different. From trains going past to cyclists, runners and walks over bridges and freeways, different surfaces and playground equipment.

Bring some tasty food like hotdog or cooked sausage or a fun toy for your dog! We have reward based toys like Balls and Tug Toys  and our custom made K9 Company treat pouches available to purchase also.

You are welcome to train at any of our training centers and we encourage you to do so.  The more areas you train your dogs, the better proofed* your dogs will be.

* Proofing is the term we use for getting our dogs used to doing obedience exercises under all distractions.  One of our aims is for your dogs to listen to you under any distraction including nearby trains, bikes, birds, runners, cyclists and many others.


Sunday Mornings
First timers and Puppy School 9.00am
(8 to 18 weeks)
Beginners, 10.00am
Level 1 & 2 11.00am
Eltham Rugby Club, 56 Bridge St, Eltham


Monday Nights
First Timers Welcome
All training levels
Leeds St, Doncaster

South Morang

Saturday Mornings
First Timers and Beginners 9.30am
Level 1 and 2 10.30am
P9 School, Early Years Campus (Opp Coles)
On  The Lakes Boulivard, via the slip road.

The Lakes Blvd