Socialisation in puppies and why it is critical!

You will frequently hear claims from people that their breed is different, more immature, etc. However, after studying puppies of many different breeds, Dr. Clarence Pfaffenberger (based on Dr. Paul Scott’s research) maintains “. . . that as much as breeds vary, the critical periods apply equally to all breeds, and what happens during the critical periods is just as important to one breed as it is to another.” Under the age of 16 weeks the puppy can still be socialised to human beings. Unfortunately, the converse does not hold true. If the puppy was not socialised at all in the first 16 weeks, trying to make up for lost time with a 6-month old or older puppy is virtually impossible. And obviously, the more one socialises a puppy, the better and smarter a companion it will be.

With so many sources of conflicting advice it can be extremely confusing for an owner of a new puppy. We have decided to help clarify what is fact from the fiction in our new Ebook.

As a dog trainer that has literally trained over a thousand dogs over a full time career that has steamed over 10 years to date, the training of a puppy is extremely high in my priorities.

It is for this very reason that I myself still instruct puppy schools. It is during this period of your puppy’s development that you need the most experience person available to give you advice and assistance during this critical period.

Puppy raising should be a fun experience for both you and your dog, however there are many extremely important factors that you need to be aware of that simply aren’t covered in many puppy schools or trainers.

This Ebook will teach you about the development stages you pup experiences as well as what is important to socialise your dog to including different types of environments.

Most importantly your pup is a companion animal that is dependant on you to teach it what TO do & HOW to behave, after all, a pup just wants your company love and deserves someone that understands how dogs learn.

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