Are you Fire Ready?

Having a fire safety plan is vital in Australia.

Having a fire plan that includes your pet may mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged members of the family
We have all heard the horrific stories of the panic ensues in a fire emergency, pets are often sadly left behind.

So make sure you are Fire Ready this season.

There is no excuse not to plan in advance, don’t be caught off guard. Here are some tips for assist you in creating an emergency action plan that could help protect you and your pets in the case of a fire.


Evacuation & home fire drills should always include your pets and be as realistic as possible. Dogs will easily become confused during a fire. You can help prevent this by teaching your dog simple commands and directions. We heard from one of our clients how when a small fire broke out in Eltham how having a dog that follows basic commands, made their evacuation to be quick & avoided any stress related to their dog (Shae, Border Collie)

We strongly suggest the following commands and practice these under distractions on a regular basis.

Recall, Drop/Down, Crate training your dog & having your dog accepts a leash quickly. These commands should be practiced regularly and your dog should be accustom to preforming each command under distraction, and on a 1 command = 1 behaviour.

Please visit our website for assistance with your dogs training under distraction.

Keep Leashes, Collars and Crates on Hand

Since animals (and humans, too) can be come easily confused during an emergency, leashes should always be kept in the same place so they can quickly be located during the rush to evacuate.

Pet owners should also have crates on hand as you may need to house you dog in emergency accomodation. A crate can be used to contain your dog safely & as emergency shelter.

We keep all of our dog leads just by the front door, as well as emergency spare leads always stored in the car.

Animal Emergency Kit

An emergency evacuation kit should also be on hand and include a bag of food, bottled water, food/water bowl, portable crates and a leashs. A cat owner’s emergency kit should include a litter box and litter. An Animal emergency kit should also include a copy of contact details for local Shelters, Vet & Boarding Kennels.

Prepare and have your emergency evacuation kit for any animals you own now. Should you need to evacuate, this is a highly stressful time for you, prepare early!

Make people aware of Pets

Alerting firefighters that pets are in a home may help save their lives as well. Firefighters have the obligation of protecting people and property first, and they will save pets if possible. Having emergency contacts that may be able to assist you to evacuate your pets should you not be home may also help. Last year (Jan 2013) I assisted in the evacuation plan of 2 dogs during fires in Kangaroo Ground Victoria.

Have contact with family and friends so if you are not able to get home to evacuate your pets, they may be able to assist.

Keep Pet First Aid Items On Hand

First Aid Kits for your pets may be an invaluable resource should you find your pet injured. Contact us for Pet First Aid Kits (A First Aid kit should never replace required Veterinary care)

Practice Makes Perfect

Every fire safety plan should be tailored to the layout of your home, and the size and number of pets in the home. Practicing an escape route and evacuation plan can help pet owners prepare for the unthinkable. Have more than one option if possible as an escape route, have you thought of where you would go & where your pets could stay.

All of these things, if thought out, discussed & planned, no doubt will assist in an evacuation. We all hope that you will never need to evacuate or have to utilise any of the above suggestion.

Stay Safe this Summer & Plan Ahead and be Fire Ready

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