Congratulations – Your dog’s a Turd

Congratulations – Your dog’s a Turd.

Everybody wants the dream dog – your best mate.

But sometimes, just sometimes shit happens and we don’t always get the dog that we want. Recently I had a dog try and bite me. Even in hindsight and thinking back over the events that preceded his attempt, I still can’t identify any obvious “reason” for his decision on actively moving forward in his actions and attempt at biting me.Whilst the owner had mentioned prior displays of similar types behaviour, it’s always a benefit to see behaviours unfold as this way you limit any misconceptions or interpretations.

This being said, we don’t want to push a dog into a situation where it will fail, feel undue stress not to mention the safety of people and the dogs in question.

So why the Congratulations you might ask. All too often as a dog trainer, I hear stories of people that feel too embarrassed to bring their dog to training or ask for help due to their dog’s “Turd” behaviour. I say to them, this is no reason to be embarrassed if anything that is a major reason to seek help and support.

I also say that the only time you should feel embarrassed is if you sit at home and ignore the problem.

It’s never easy when an animal that you love dearly behaves like a turd. Nobody wants others to feel ill towards something that means so much to them. This is where you power lies if you have a dog with some undesirable behaviours. Be proactive, Find a trainer that will support you, not condemn you for your dog’s behaviour. As I always say, when you know better, you do better.

Obviously the earlier you get help and support the better it is for everyone including your dog. So the sooner you acknowledge that you need help and seek it, this is where the congratulations come into play. It’s often acknowledging that we need help, support and guidance that can be the challenge.

I like to remind my clients that they are not alone in their struggles, in fact, we recently had a great moment when our K9 Crew members shared the areas that they had once struggled with. The feeling of community and that they are not a “Failure” as a dog owner was awesome. Yesterday I spoke with a lady who said she felt embarrassed to start training as her 9-month-old GSD (German Shepherd Dog) barks and she didn’t want people to judge her.  I shared a little bit of a giggle with her and said, “it’s a dog – they bark!, I’d be concerned if it meowed, but it’s a dog and they bark lol”. Now, of course, we will assist her in teaching her dog that excessive barking and boisterous excitement isn’t necessary or appreciated, but we all start somewhere and the starting is the best place to begin. The rest will come with patience and support.

So if you have a dog that can behave like a turd, you love them; yes, but even though they act like a turd sometimes, there are trainers out there that will help and support you. You’re not alone and just imagine what life would be like with the support and knowledge of what to do.

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  1. Rheana Nation says:

    How great is that turdiness in a dog though and the fact that it comes many varying degrees. Although to be honest I can only say that now after like the client mentioned reached a point of no return. It is about finding the right, guidance , crew and a large purple truck. Not saying turd dogs aren’t frustrating now but at least I am more confident in dealing with that turdiness! Thanks oved this blog!

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