Do it For the Dogs.

It takes all types of people to be dog trainers.

I have met a lot of different types of people, and they all have something to offer, something to learn from. We need to make sure we stay open to learning. Don’t close your mind off. We need the deep thinkers, the researchers, the get out and do its, the wait a bit longer and do more reps type, and the, lets move to the next stage quickly type.

We need the professional trainers and we need the hobbiests. We need those that have been around forever and we need the new trainers coming through. We need the kids to be involved and the parents to support them. We need the sport dog trainers, the pet dog trainers, the behaviour modifiers, the trick trainers, the play based trainers, the creative types and the follow the system types. We need the trainers who have a certain skillset and we need the trainers who are hungry to learn.

Sometimes we need the teacher to be the student and the student to be the teacher.


Because that is what the dogs need.

Do it for them.

Brentos x

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