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It been 12 months since we hosted the first of our “Conversations with The K9 Company”, our funding raising events to support and raise funds for a Seizure Alert dog for Sam, a 13 year old boy.

So we thought we’d give you all an update, but first lets take a look back at how this journey began.

As is common when a business is built on a strong culture and values, we at The K9 Company often develop great friendships with clients.

Rheana’s family is a military family that is regularly posted to new addresses that are in different states throughout Australia and sometimes overseas.

It was not long after the Nation family were posted to Darwin (Aust) that we received a call from our Rheana sharing the news that their 13year old son Sam had just been diagnosed with Epilepsy. This is where and when “Conversations with the K9 Company” came about.

Chloe has changed not only the life of Sam, but that of his family & those that love him. Sam has been able to life the life that any teenager should be able to; playing sport, walking to school, hanging out with friends and having his independence.

Chloe has a full public access pass as a medical alert dog and recently flew to the USA where her family has been posted for 2 years. Her accreditation allows Sam to have his life saving dog by his side at all times including by his side for the long flight to the US.

Chloe will alert Sam should show signs of an oncoming seizure, providing him with enough time to get himself into a safe environment and alert those around him of an on coming seizure. There are many organisations that provide assistance dogs, here is an article from The Telegraph (UK) that contains a video explanation of one ladies life with her dog.

The average cost for a Seizure Alert Dog in Australia is $40k, with no government funding this is a huge expense. One where we were only too happy to help out.

dog help

Chloe has changed Sam’s life

We have kept in contact with the Nation family and often catch up via Skype, proving that distance is no boundary when it comes to support and friendship.

Out for a walk and fun in the snow, but Chloe is never truly off duty
The positive effects that Chloe has had on the Nation family continues to have its ripple affects. They now are Puppy raisers for Hero Dogs in the US until their return home to Australia in 2017. Chloe is now mentoring (with the Nation family’s ongoing support), a beautiful little Assistance dog to be; Grete, you can follow Grete’s progress on Facebook.

The beauty and joy that a dog can bring to a home is just a tiny tip of the iceberg in regards to the wonderful mutual benefits dogs can bring into the lives of individuals and families.

2 thoughts on “Dogs saving lives-Medical Alert Dog”

  1. Alicia says:

    3 years ago my daughter was diagnose with epilepsy , she is now 15 years old and I worried everyday while i am at work .
    My daughter does take medication but sometime forget and that when the seizure occured or when she is tired or have flashing lights .
    I am so very interested in getting a companion medical dog for her to be at school with her and for when she get the bus and walking back home .is there a place in Melbourne Australia that have this kind of training and if so what is the best breed of dog to have . I like siberian husky and golden retriver or german sheppard do you think they are a good breed ? And can you tell me what are cost involved ?

    1. Brent Dry says:

      Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for your comment, we hope your daughter is getting her epilepsy under control.

      We would suggest getting in touch with CSTDA for assistance. Hopefully they can help you. They were the people that helped out with Sam and his dog Chloe.

      All the very best and thanks for messaging us.

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