Dogs – The link to great friendships

This past month has really highlighted just how important The K9 Company is to us, not just because training dogs is a authentic passion of ours and because we get to work with some amazing dogs, but because of the lives we are invited into.

It has been pointed out to us on many occasions that you can’t “buy the culture we have created” and it’s only recently that we have started to truly appreciate the wonderful culture we have within The K9 Company.

We thought everyone naturally supported, encouraged and built each other up as we do. It is now evident that this is not the case. I am so grateful that we have a place and culture where people feel supported and safe to be themselves.The friendships we have developed during our 10+ years since launching are amazing.

We have had new clients join us every week, some have gone onto study, obtain a trainee-ship with us and become valued members of our team.

We  have attended weddings, christenings, birthdays, shared in the grief of those that have passed and everything the journey called life throws at us all.

This past month has thrown challenges at many of the wonderful people in our world. From tragic loss, to a lifes chapter that has nearly closed, we wanted to reflect on what it is like be a part of such a wonderful family that is The K9 Company and continue to offer support to those that are facing challenges in their life.

We take this opportunity to reach out and let you know we care!

take a paw

Life can take you on so many journeys and we are blessed to share in the lives of our wonderful extended family.

Earlier this year we attended the wedding of Emma & Andrew whom we met when they started training their Australian Shepherds; Cobber and Lyric with us.


It was such a fun wedding that had an entire table dedicated and full of people close to The K9 Company. This had us reflecting on the wonderful people that have come into our lives as a result of starting The K9 Company.


In the past 5 years alone we have been welcomed into the lives of some awesome people.

In 2010 our Rottweiler Zooka was the ring bearer at Paul & Emma’s wedding, both of whom we met via our group classes.

Paul & Em

We met our wonderful vet, Dr Kim after she brought her Golden retriever to our puppy school and group classes.

Dr Kim

We have traveled overseas and created fun memories with couples we have met via our training,

attended engagement parties, multiple weddings, birthdays + so much more. It can’t go without mentioning that it was through dog training that we (Cat & Brent) first met too.

Cat and Brent

So a heart felt thank you to each of you that have etched your way into our hearts and our extended family. You are very much an integral part of our WHY we do what we do. From both sides of the planets to the ones closest in distance, you are always in our thoughts and hearts.

Thank you to all the crazy and wonderfully quirky  people that are a part of the wonderful family that is

The K9 Company.


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