Electric Fences, What’s the Truth?

 We were recently contacted by Dog Fence DIY asking if we would like to write a blog post on electric fences for them and we thought the best and most authentic way to share our experience with such containment systems was to share our story, first hand.  With so much confusing information around in the world of dogs, we thought we’d share our journey and some points on the different type of containment systems available, that may very well alleviate the stress many owners go through.


When you have a dog as a member of your family, you take on the responsibility for everything in it’s life including safe containment. Now this can be nice and easy for some, but then there are the fence jumpers, escape artists and the challenges of some shire and councils fencing regulations.


Having owned a dog that can jump 6 foot fences with ease ourselves, this certainly posed a challenge. We all know just how expensive traditional fencing can be, and mine were in really good condition. We looked into many options such as, extending the height of the fences but this was ridiculously expensive and not possible in our area due to council permission. We looked at building a secondary fence but again this was totally impractical. It was then suggested to us to look into getting a DIY electric fence.


At first we had trepidation in regards to installing a containment system like this, after all, if you’ve ever touched an electric fence on a farm, it’s not nice. What we needed to understand was that containment systems for domestic animals (electric fences for dogs) are different to those used on a farm for cattle. When this was explained to us, we were in a better position to make a decision. We also wanted to know first hand what it felt like to touch a containment system, so that’s exactly what we did. We said there was no way we were going to use one unless we knew what the stimulus felt like when we touched it ourselves.


The best way I can explain the sensation, was like getting a static shock from a car or shopping trolley, It wasn’t pleasant, yet unlike a car or shopping trolley, you can control if you choose to touch the fence or not. Having an understanding of how dogs learn, their learning theory and an appreciation for just how smart dogs are, this made the decision to install a containment system a lot easier for us.

It’s now been 15 years since we invested in our DIY electric dog fence / containment system and we have never looked back. Every dog we have welcomed into our home, we have taught how to avoid the fence, therefore avoid any stimulus that an electronic dog fence/containment system provides. That there is one of the key factors if this type of fence is right for you; you must teach your dog how to avoid (or what is called escape training; to be able to avoid something).

While it is really important to ensure your dog has adequate environmental enrichment, so they can keep themselves busy and entertained when in your yard, sometimes you may need a better containment system to ensure the safety of your dog. After all so many dogs are surrendered as the owners simply can’t keep their dog from escaping their yard or worse it may get hit by a car.


So before you give up, why not look into one of these many types of containment systems, and speak to others that have used them. As we always say, if your dog could choose from the following options, what would it choose?

  1. Living with you where you provide a safe and fun environment

  2. Escaping, being lost with possible injuries or worse

  3. Being surrendered, (remember it’s not all happy endings in the real world)

I hope by us sharing our personal story has highlighted some areas that may help you or someone you know. If you think that this style of containment system might be suitable for you and would like to chat with us or would like help training you and your dog on how to best used one of these systems, simply send us an email, and we’ll get you started in the right direction with the best information.

Whilst the fence we have is attached to our existing wooden fence, you can also get a “wireless dog fence” too. These can be great when you need to divide your yard or have a drive way that needs to be included in a section of your containment area.

Our friends at Dog Fence DIY have kindly offered to give one lucky reader a $25 Amazon gift voucher when they comment, share this blog on their Facebook page, or Google+, just remember to tag us (The K9 Company) in when you share so we can follow all entries.

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    Appreciating the persistence you put into your blog and detailed information you provide.

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    I love all of this information and they are so simple and easy to implement! Thank you.

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