Picket Fence Syndrome-Destructive Dogs

For over 10 years now I have been blessed to work with dogs on a full time basis in my business. I have shared some of the most heart warming memories with people, from the moment they bring their dog to me for training, to the moments when we share a tear as we say goodbye to our 4 legged friends as they cross the rainbow bridge.

I have witnessed the way many people take the responsibility of “owning” a dog. Some dogs are treated like human baby’s to the point of extreme anthropomorphism, (the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to an animal) where is can create an immense amount of stress for a dog.

I also witness what I call the “Picket Fence Syndrome”. This is where the old school Australian dream of having a ¼ Acre block, home and a picket fence with a dog, clashes with the modern day life of working long hours, multiple extracurricular activities and the digital age of entertainment.

It is within this evolution of the “Australian Dream” that our 4 legged friend in the dog can get misplaced and the “Picket Fence Syndrome” started.

A pet dog is a companion animal. By definition; a companion animal is an animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels.: “his traveling companion”.

When there are so many people working long & late hours, the dogs are the ones that suffer. We grow up with the dream of having our own dog, many of us even have the types of breeds we are drawn to, in our life plan.

Unfortunately many of the breeds that people want don’t suit their current lifestyle or abilities, but most often their dog is left at home, in the backyard where the only companionship the dog gets is the 2 minutes it takes for you to put food in their bowl.

Pet dogs love human companionship, in fact they need it! When dogs are starved for the attention they inherently need, they become desperate. This desperation is shown in antisocial and rude behaviours such as jumping, mouthing, barking, destructive behaviours just to name a few. This behaviour is also seen in dogs that are in shelters and is known as “kennel crazy”

Now the ride on the merry-go round begins. Due to the rude and antisocial behaviour that their dog is now displaying as a result of their desperate attempts for interaction and companionship, the “owner” starts to get frustrated with their dog and spends less and less time with it, creating an even more desperate display of behaviour. Thus the Merry-go round.

This is why I call it the “Picket Fence Syndrome”, you get a dog and stick it behind the picket fence. Simply not knowing how this directly impacts your dog in a negative way.

I have had the pleasure of helping so many people & their dogs overcome this vicious cycle  and discover their dream dog again.

Our dogs deserve so much for their loyalty and I am forever grateful that I get to help them and their owners understand each other better.

If you would like help to restore the relationship and balance with your dog, contact us know so we can get you started in the right direction now.

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