The $10K Bet

I Placed a $10K bet straight out of Lockdown.

Even Brent said, It’s up to my wife !

$10,000 is the magic number that seems to get dog owners thinking…

I am always asked

“When will I know my dog will to Recall (eg)

And my answer is always

“When you message me and say….
Cat, I’ll bet you $10k my dog will (eg) come back when I call him”

So many people ask for help with their recall
They say their dog never comes back and this is most often as their dogs have tasted the “forbidden fruit” before they have the responsibility to reliably know and understand to come back the moment they are called.

It’s not about the financial exchange of the $10k, it’s about whether your even in the game

I have people bet me a coffee to start, that’s awesome – they’re in the game

It may be $50, amazing – theres even more improvements from the coffee….

It’s about knowing where your relationship and training is at with your dog.

Whilst Mr Smith was enjoying his camping adventure and playing in the river, a lovely couple drove up and asked if it was ok that they let their dog out to have a swim (so respectful and appreciated ?)

That was going to change the dynamics of the game, so I chose to pop Mr Smith on his long line to make sure our $10k bet was a sure thing.

The other couples dog was great, did his own thing with his people, our dogs did their thing with us. Mr Smith being a super open and social dog, was tempted once to bail and say hello, but because I was proactive in advocating for him and the other couple and their dog, a good time was had by all…

The couple even said,
“You don”t have to put him (Mr Smith) on lead, they’ll be right”

Which is where Brent said “it’s up to my wife!)

Never be afraid to hold space for your dog and their learning or tempted by well intended others

So we got to keep our $10k and our recall is still intact with integrity and Mr Smith chose me as his preferred date ?

That’s a win win and ecological for all.

It was so so good to get away, off grid for the night and recharge, connect and start the camping & travel adventures again


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