The K9 Company’s Cat and Brent’s Thailand Wedding

It was named the Wedding of the Century & we agree 🙂

As many of our wonderful clients and peers know, Brent and I headed of to Thailand in early May to get married, and what a fun filled extravaganza it was.

We always knew we’d get married, it was just a matter of when and with so many people asking for details I thought I’d share them here for you.

It was about 12 months ago when Brent and I were sitting around the fire, when all I said was “I think I’m ready now”. There was no proposal as such, no ring or gushy moments. In fact the conversation went a bit like this:

C “I think I’m ready now”

B “When do you think, next year”?

C “Perfect, where”?

B “Thailand”?

C “Done”!

And that was that, short sweet and exactly what we had both wanted.

So the planning began. Brent is a real foodie and this was his area of expertise, if it was left to me, our guests would be eating a sausage in bread lol. I on the other hand am a real visual person, I like to hold snap shots as memories in my mind, if this was left to Brent, yes the venue would be “nice” but but jaw dropping, so this was my area to plan.

So the brief overview was:

Thai themed private venue with amazing views beach or rainforest, infinity pool, enough room for 60 guests to relax and enjoy the day, no formal seating (more of a picnic style if you would) and great food to be served all day & night as there’s nothing worse than still being hungry after a wedding.

Sounds easy yeah……

In our own style, we didn’t want to send out beautiful invitations and make a big fuss of it, so we announce the pending nuptials on Facebook and tagged everyone that needed to know! The next few hours were lots of fun & filled with smiles, hearing our phones ping with FB notifications with everyones comments.

It so happened that not long after we started to plan, I bumped into my travel agent Wendy from Travel Managers and asked if she would be able to assist. I’m not sure if the word “assist” is adequate enough to describe all that she helped us plan and arrange (Wendy is GOLD)

We finally found a private villa that would allow a wedding on site and fit everyone (this was no small task).

So fast forward 12 months.

We were at the airport with about 18 people, flying to Phuket to meet up with the rest of our guests and create the time of our lives. We were met by one of our gorgeous clients Leah who happens to work at Melbourne airport and were given star treatment – complimentary drinks and food. We were having so much fun, that the little piece of gold that I mentioned before – Wendy, phoned me to say “Run, you’re all gonna miss your flight”! You may ask how Wendy knew this with only 2 minutes until the gates closed, With all the amazing help and support Wendy offered in the 12 months leading up and the endless phone calls, yep I invited her to join us :).

So the boys downed the beers and we start to run through the airport, hand luggage, 3 kids under 3 years, 1 wedding dress and hat box in hand (would have been a funny sight). We made it in time, with no stress, all thanks to Wendy. The flight was smooth and the kids were great! We had one night at a resort (it was about 11pm) before we made our way to “Heaven”.

After a great night sleep, some amazing breakfast, we were due to be picked up at 12pm to make our way to the Villa. At this stage there were some very low key nerves on my part as I had not seen the villa in person. I had only seen photos and lets face it, they always make the photo’s look better or video’s of other people’s wedding that they had posted on youtube & these focused mainly on the couple of course. 

So it gets to 12:15pm and in all my visits to Thailand, I have never had a transfer be late and my gut was telling me “they’re not coming”. So a huge shout out to Brent, we were all sitting in an air conditioned bar, enjoying a drink as  I made my way over to him and ever so quietly said, “I don’t think the transfers are coming and I can feel my stress level raising -all be it a tad, but they’re rising. Now I should say that I don’t mind being held up but the “bridal party” that were coming to the villa with us had their little ones and after a 9 hour flight, a late night before alongside the time difference, I knew they needed to put them down for their nap which should have been at 12:30pm.

So Mr Brentos to the rescue, and finally our transfer gets us there just after 2pm. On the positive we were all in an air conditioned bar, so we simply share in a few extra cocktails and beers lol.

Now the moment we get to the villa, The first thing I heard was the breath everyone took, including myself took as the villa unfolded itself and all it’s magic! Here’s a sneak peak video of what we experienced.

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Yes MAGIC is a good word!

We had such beautiful and kind staff at the villa to look after us. When I first met Manee, the resident manager, it was as the wedding coordinator, caterers etc were confirming the How’s and Whys of the wedding day with me. They were talking about moving the furniture, making way for the aisle, where the seating was to go etc, and in my Thai-English I explained that there is NO aisle,no formal seating arrangements, no flowers, no first dance, no speeches and the list went on.  So the gorgeous Manee had the greatest look of surprise on her face, trying to figure out just what kind of wedding is this going to be, to which I said “Manee, it will be beautiful. I will have all my friends and family here that have traveled from all across the world and look” as I gestured and panned out across the ocean, “It’s already an amazing place”. Manee then took my hand, gave me a hug and said we will be good friends. That’s a way to warm my heart!!!


With Manee and Jemma

The wedding day

We enjoyed 2 days at the villa now the wedding day is here. We were up at 7am and there was a brilliant feeling of calm for me. I had the beautiful Emma and Nikki with me as what we nik-named the wedding “Wing chicks” as we weren’t having a formal bridal party. (Some of you may remember Paul and his dog Winston that used to train with us, Emma is his beautiful wife and my dog Zooka was the ring bearer in their wedding 5 years ago, and the gorgeous Nikki who currently trains with The K9 Company)

We made our way upstairs to start getting ready, hair and make-up and a glass or two of Champagne.

Our guests started to arrive at 11am and we were just finishing up getting our hair and makeup done at 11:20am, the funny thing was, my dress was downstairs, past the guests in my bedroom lol. So Emma went downstairs, told 50 odd guest to enjoy the view of the ocean and not to turn around, as I did a last minute run down to my room to put on my dress. This was a great behind the scenes view for me as I got to see all the guests staring out as I run past, it was a great giggle.

Now one of the little funny things that some of our guest wouldn’t know was after I made my way to the room and was about to get dressed someone accidentally pressed the automatic blind button and the blinds started to rise. The funny thing was, I was only in my nickers, so they almost got a view they hadn’t bargained for lol. There was some very quick “No no no no no” followed by laughter from the girls.

Brent and I had 3 songs to “count down” for when I would make my appearance, Bruno Mars Locked out of heaven, Maroon 5 Sugar, and I’d make my way out during Maroon 5 Moves like Jagger. My gorgeous brother in-law Mikeo, let everyone know that things were about to get underway.

I was met outside my room by my dad holding a glass of champagne for me, the plan was that I was to greet and say hello to everyone as I made my way to Brent, but I saw him and made a direct b-line for him.

There were some funny moments that Brent & I shared during our vows. We didn’t realise we were talking to each other when we meant to be quiet as our lovely celebrant was doing her reading. Brent also had no idea where the rings were. He said he had them before but gave them to someone lol. He said as he was laughing “Should I stop the wedding” through his chuckles and I was like “No they’ll turn up” lol, which they did in my dads pocket. One of the hilarious moments that people shared with us during the day was when we finally realised my dad had the rings, he started to tell a “I am lord of the rings dad joke” to which I said without skipping a beat “Oiu, dad – this is my show”. That’s one of the funny little moments that everyone remembered.

After the vows, we had some photo’s taken by the award winning wedding photographer Emma Wiseman including this fun group shot. ( I will be sharing more of the great pic’s as I get them on my instagram   #Cat  Saunders.


Then it was time to enjoy that beautiful swimming pool with those breath taking views. My wonderful brother in laws surprised us with an emotional Haka at the end of the evening, which was such a top way to bring the all day wedding to a close.

I can’t wait to see some of the 700+ photos taken on the day and share some of them with you.

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Brent and I had such an amazing time and would truly like to thank everyone that made the effort and shared in this day filled with magic! The call was made rather early in the day by many folk, that they are all looking forward to the reunion.


We both highly recommend the following and thank them for making the day what it was.

Wendy Krukowitch –  Your Personal Travel Manager

Robyn Meikle – Your civil Celebrant

“Oh” from WOW make-up Phuket

Christina Hein Coutour for my beautiful dress

Emma Wiseman for her Destination Wedding Photography

Patinya from Two Chefs for catering and decorating

and all of the people that made our wedding trip nothing short of amazing.

Thank you all so very much

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    Sounds fabulous. Congratulations to both of you. Xx

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