Toilet Training Tips

Toilet Training is one of the most common areas we are asked for assistance with from our clients.

This area of training doesn’t need to be stressful nor difficult.

We suggest to start toilet training your puppy as soon as you get them home. Set yourself up for success from the beginning and this will alleviate having to correct previous mistakes in regards to any training you do with your pup in the future.

I am currently writing a short book that covers all the factors when toilet training your pup and hope to have it finished and published by the end of October 2014 for you to gain further information and assistance when it comes to this component of your training.

Our Little pup Zia is now 17 weeks of age and hasn’t had any accidents in our house for approximately 6 weeks now for which we are extremely pleased.

It is really important to note that ALL (4) of Zia accidents that occurred were solely an error on our behalf. What I mean by this is that we were either distracted when the accident occurred or assumed another person was watching her at the time.

Zia going to the Toilet outside 10 weeks

Desired Behaviour and Training occurs via repetition. So the more frequently you can set your pup up for success and have them toilet outside or in the appropriate area the more likely this is going to form a habit, so it is vital that we eliminate as many opportunities as possible for your pup to toilet in side or inappropriate areas.

If you pup does have an opportunity to toilet within your house it is important that we clean the area correctly. Do not use ammonia based cleaning products. Whilst this may smell clean and disinfected to most people, ammonia to a dog is like an invitation to toilet there again.

We are regularly posting videos to our YouTube channel. We will be covering a number of topics such as Toilet Training, Crate training, Teaching your dog to give you a toy, Resource guarding, Playing tug + many other important tips and tricks to training dogs of various ages.

Here is one of our videos that covers some of the key factors to successfully toilet training your puppy.

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Cat,
    Great new website. I’m in the uk at the mo & my nephew has jus got himself a new puppy.. Making sure he is getting all the best info & guidance so hav put him onto your site. Wish he cud come to yr classes! Teaching him everything I learnt from u guys & will make sure I find him a decent qualified instructor this end as well.
    Great work as always!
    Cheers Emma

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