Why Should I Train my Dog?

We often hear dog owners stating that they don’t want to turn their dog into a robot “I bought a dog, not a robot!”

Training your dog doesn’t turn it into a robot, nor does it squash or kill their personality. Training your dog is one of the best manners in which to make life easier for your dog. You can see some of the fun we have with our dogs on our videos here.

We often get asked “Why should I train my dog”? here are some things to consider.

Imagine living in a country; where they don’t speak English and their customs are completely different to what you understand. Wouldn’t you appreciate someone that is patient, to help teach you what is expected of you & how you can earn rewards? This is what our system of dog training does for your dog. Training & obedience is the gateway of communication between you & your dog & builds a bond unlike no other.

A trained dog has access to so much more in their lives opposed to their counter parts.

A trained dog is welcomed:

  • At local Cafes
  • At dog friendly holiday accommodation
  • Off leash parks
  • To visit friends & family
  • Participate in dog sports
  • Agility, Fly ball, Herding
  • Inside the house

A trained dog is easier to:

  • Care for
  • Receive veterinary care
  • Groom
  • Walk
  • Understand what they trying to communicate

A dog that is well trained get more exercise due to the experience being relaxing opposed to a constant tug of war.
A trained dog is less likely to:

  • Escape
  • Get hit by a car
  • Get in a dog fight
  • Eat things that may make them ill

A trained dog lives a much more relaxed life without the stresses of having to make big decisions; he will turn to you for guidance.

Did you know?

If your dog rushes up to or chases someone, you could be fined, and your local council can declare your dog to be a “Menacing Dog”! This means you may have to leash & muzzle your dog in public. If you don’t comply with these requirements, the council CAN declare your dog to be a “dangerous dog”. There are very strict controls on the housing, exercise & ownership of dangerous dogs. This is the law & unfortunately most dog owners believe that only “dogs that attack” can be labelled a dangerous dog. It is your responsibility to have effective control over your dog at all times. Training can provide this for you & your dog.

Training ultimately is a fantastic & fun way to build an amazingly strong bond with your dog & help avoid any legal or council ramifications

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