Why wont my Parents buy me a dog?


Am I responsible? That should be the first thing that you, as a person wanting a dog should address. I am not talking about being responsible last week or even last month. I am talking about the last few months, or year?

Can you keep your room clean and your bed made each day. These are simple tasks that equate to being responsible. How you ask? Picking up your clothes is like picking up your dogs pooh. Making your bed is like grooming your dog. Are you consistent in doing these things? Do you need to be reminded all the time? If so, you need to work on being more responsible.

Do you help out around the house? Your puppy will leave things lying around, toys, blankets, stuffing from soft teddy bears. If you can’t do little jobs like putting dishes away, folding some washing, mowing the lawn or helping to get dinner ready by pealing the vegetables, you’re not ready to pick up after your puppy. Also, leaving your things laying around will also encourage your puppy to pick them up. Not in a good way though, you may not get it back in the way that you left it.

Are you always inside on your phone / computer / tablet? Do you not see the sun or the stars  because of video games? Your puppy needs exercise, they need to be trained, they need to be walked. If you show no interest in doing any of these things without a puppy, you will never convince your parents that you will do it when you have a puppy. First, you have to do it yourself, consistently. On the other side of that, are you always out, or at other sports every weekend and evening where you won’t have time for a puppy. You need to make sure that you can actually be there for your pup, they are not garden gnomes or something that you just return.

Do you sleep in everyday? Your pup will need to go to the toilet, you will have to be getting up early to make sure that your puppy goes to the toilet where you want them too. This is part of their training. Will you go to bed earlier, put down your phone, turn off that social media, so you can wake up earlier and look after your puppy.


Do you wash the dishes and put the dishes away? Are you good with getting your hands dirty? If you want a puppy, I hope so. You will have to be picking up your puppy’s pooh from the lawn so you can’t let a little thing like food stuck in a pot turn you off getting a job done. If they toilet inside, you have to be ok with cleaning it up, getting on your hands and knees and making sure that the odour has gone and the area is dry again. If they are sick and vomit, you need to clean that up. Paper towels, rags, mop and bucket. All of these things will happen when you own a puppy.

Do you have a job, get pocket money? Most times, you will need to pay for your puppy. Food, vet bills, training, collars, leads, treats. All of these things cost money. Can you help to contribute to the funds needed to support your puppy? Are you wasting your money on things you don’t need instead of saving it up to help out with your puppy? Maybe you need to look at what is more important to you. Lollies, chips, soft drink, the latest novelty toy? Save your money for your pup.

So, are you responsible? If not, stop asking for a puppy and get to work being responsible. This little list is a good way to start. Maybe you could add to the list, come up with your own ways of being responsible. We can all do little things to help out, what are you doing to help? Prove that you can be responsible, not for a week, or a month, but for a long period of time. Even if it is a couple of years. You will hopefully have your dog for 10+ years so start with your responsibilities now.
Oh, this post may not just be for children…

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