Congratulations - your dogs a turd

Congratulations – Your dog’s a Turd

Congratulations – Your dog’s a Turd. Everybody wants the dream dog – your best mate. But sometimes, just sometimes shit happens and we don’t always get the dog that we want. Recently I had a dog try and bite me. Even in hindsight and thinking back over the events that preceded his attempt, I still…Continue Reading

Whicj kind of dog person are you?

Which kind of dog person are you?

Which kind of dog person are you? This is an age old debate – Are you a BIG dog person or a little dog person? I have just come back from staying the weekend with some very dear friends whom also happen to be “dog kinda people”. Now for my regular followers, they know that…Continue Reading

The Power of Play as the Ultimate Reward.

The power of play as the ultimate reward can transform and catapult your training and get results faster.   I love using play in my training and have seen the results a lot faster due to the fact my dog has the drive to keep on keeping on and are super keen to start a…Continue Reading

I wish I knew then what I know now

I wish I knew then what I know now.

I wish I knew then what I know now is a common statement we here at The K9 Company, so I thought I’d share some of the most common things people say when it comes to the power of HINDSIGHT. Hindsight, it’s one of those wonderful things that we all wish that we had. Here…Continue Reading

Post Puppy Depression

Post Puppy Depression. Yes, post puppy depression is a common experience for many people. You do all the research that you can think of, the breed you would like, find a breeder or rescue that aligns with your values, and even buy the bedding, collar and lead for your new puppy. Some people wait years to…Continue Reading

The K9 Company’s Cat and Brent’s Thailand Wedding

It was named the Wedding of the Century & we agree 🙂 As many of our wonderful clients and peers know, Brent and I headed of to Thailand in early May to get married, and what a fun filled extravaganza it was. We always knew we’d get married, it was just a matter of when…Continue Reading

The “curse” of being a Dog Trainer

Being a dog trainer, that continues to develop, hone and learn my craft has brought with some wonderful gifts. I have met and welcomed some of the most wonderful people, including my husband and many many good friends. So much so I even wrote an article on “How dogs are the link to good friendships”….Continue Reading

5 Tips to keep your dog happy with your busy schedule.

You know you should be spending more time with your dog and even do some training with them. But if you’re like most dog owners out there, you are also telling yourself you don’t have the time. If you’re wondering how to fit some good quality time with your dog into your already busy schedule,…Continue Reading

Go on a date with your dog?

What the? Did you just say go on a date with your dog? What does dating and dogs have in common you might ask. Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to speak and present at the New Zealand Kennel Club alongside Forrest Micke and Brent Dry. We spoke and taught on a number of…Continue Reading

Grief and the loss of your dog

Grief is probably the hardest factor and emotions to experience for those that have had the pleasure of the amazing love and a great relationship and bond with a dog. It doesn’t matter if you experience the loss of your dog as a child or as an adult, either way it can be a difficult…Continue Reading

The life of a modern day dog.

Do dogs deserve more than a backyard? “I grew up with dogs always being outside, they were always outside”! This is a common subject matter that dog owners often bring up; is it ok to have a backyard dog that doesn’t come inside? With so many people having outside dogs throughout their childhood, should our…Continue Reading

Integrity in Dog Training

I have been considering writing this blog post for a number of weeks now, for a number of reasons. The dog industry is (unfortunately) rife with emotive arguments and propaganda with people pushing agendas and their ideologies combined with pseudo science or people that simply ignore it, opposed to looking out for the best interests…Continue Reading